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Nuova Magia by Giancarlo Scalia

Nuova Magia by Giancarlo Scalia
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Nearly three hours of innovative, refreshing, and exciting new magic from a rising star in magic.


As part of our goal to “improve the art of magic”, we take great pride in introducing you to talented magicians you may have never seen before. Hailing from Italy, Giancarlo Scalia has an uncanny ability to construct magic that is visual, amazing, and surprisingly simple to do.

While he’s had a few sporadic releases over the years, “Nuova Magia” marks Giancarlo’s first mainstream download collection. This exquisite selection of practical, powerful material designed for real world performances is available exclusively at Vanishing Inc. and you can save 20% right now as part of a special introductory offer!

“With these routines you learn more than magic. You learn to be a better magician.”
Dani DaOrtiz

"One of magic's best-kept secrets."
R. Paul Wilson

There’s something for everyone in “Nuova Magia” from amazing variations on Jazz Aces and Triumph, to a stunningly beautiful Coins Across. Undoubtedly though, Giancarlo’s gimmickless Invisible Deck will be a big favorite. These effects are also accompanied by a handful of versatile sleights and utility moves that unlock tons of new potential.

In total, “Nuova Magia” contains nine card ideas and tricks and three stellar coin routines designed for real-world scenarios. And the best part? Except for one quick setup in one trick, all of this material is impromptu. No overly difficult sleight of hand is needed either. This is material any magician can learn.

Everything is explained in perfect detail. Giancarlo also shares invaluable subtleties that will improve your magic overall. His simple tweak to the glide completely changed how we viewed the classic move and made our team eager to add the overlooked tool back into our arsenal.

“Giancarlo is a complete magician. Combining his deep understanding of movement, attention control and beautiful natural sleight of hand his material is enchanting, magical and inspiring. My highest recommendation!”
Luke Jermay

“Giancarlo is an amazing magic thinker. Don’t miss his teaching!”
Yann Frisch

“Giancarlo is fantastic. A rare magician who can bring his magic to life through incredible technique and fascinating storytelling.”
Mahdi Gilbert

“Giancarlo is truly magical. His outer tranquillity hides an inner power.”
Miguel Angel Gea

"Giancarlo has three qualities that are very difficult to find together in a magician: artistic sensitivity, deep thinking, and extraordinary handling. Don't miss his work, it's wonderful."
Miguel Muñoz

“Nuova Magia” is easy to do, impromptu magic that you can, and will, want to perform. Often. You can get the whole collection right now for an amazing discounted price. So, what are you waiting for? Download “Nuova Magia” and dive right in today!

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Contents of “Nuova Magia”
Hot Sandwich
This quick, flashy trick makes for the perfect card opener. A freely-named card is sandwiched face down between two face-up Jokers. The three-card packet is then lost in the middle of the deck. As you dribble the cards to the table, you showcase your lightning reflexes by reaching in and grabbing the selection. The cards are then spread to show that there is no longer a card between the Jokers.

Four Cards Transformation
Four indifferent cards are openly pulled from the deck and turned face down. Your participant picks one. You turn it over (let’s say it’s a Jack). The other three cards are then turned over to reveal they’ve transformed into the mates of the chosen card. This is the perfect way to get into your favorite four-of-a-kind trick. The clever method will also have you smiling from ear to ear. This fooler can be done with any deck, at a moment's notice.

Inertia Ace Production
A card is selected. Then you are able to quickly find its mates by “feel”. This is a very fun method that allows you to essentially perform a self-working bottom deal.

Semi Jazz Aces
This silky smooth take on the Jazz Aces is the perfect follow-up to the “Four Cards Transformation” or “Inertia Ace Production”. Four indifferent cards slowly morph back into the Four Aces. The routine has been carefully designed to reduce movement and streamline the effect so it looks cleaner and is much easier to do.

Impromptu Invisible Deck
The classic Invisible Deck routine but with a totally normal deck. A freely-named card is revealed to be the only one facing the opposite way in a deck of cards. Since the deck is normal, you’ll be able to launch right into your favorite card tricks. This will be a highlight for many. (NOTE: No gimmicks are needed, but you will need a quick setup.)

Chaotic Triumph
Building on a So Sato idea, Giancarlo has developed a natural and unbelievably fair Triumph effect that’s done in reverse. You start by showing the ending where the deck is all facing one way except for one card. Nobody is impressed. So, you decide to back things up and show them how you got there. The cards are then very clearly shuffled face up and face down into a sloppy, chaotic mess of cards. With a snap of your fingers, the cards then sort themselves back into the same ending condition your audience saw earlier. This time, they’re very impressed.

The Coins
The coins section contains a beautifully choreographed and direct coins through table routine and Giancarlo’s dazzling coins across called “Gravity Coins” where coins invisibly fall from hand to hand. You also love his “Tenkai Pennies” variation.

The Moves
This collection also contains some incredible moves that you will definitely use including a sneaky in-the-hands Kaps Force and a versatile card case utility move that can be used for switches, vanishes and more. The highlight though is definitely his work on the glide which will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the classic move.

Runtime: 2 Hours 52 Minutes

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