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Kenton Knepper - No Equivoque Advanced Equivoque Intensive

Kenton Knepper - No Equivoque Advanced Equivoque Intensive
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"These Intensives are always great! Very insightful and impactful. You always share so much wisdom for such a low price! Thank you for what you do!" - Tommy Burnett
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There will be video recordings so if you cannot be there LIVE, you can still learn these secrets.

Kenton has inspired so much in mentalism and magic, most people don't know the half of it. Many try to teach what they see Kenton do, but they rarely have had the chance to get the real insider training to his works.


How does Kenton force objects of all kinds WITHOUT EQUIVOQUE?
For over 25 years Kenton has been showing off these skills at a few very rare talks and exclusive workshops. Most people have not had the access to Kenton to really know what he was doing. Over time, the term people used for what Kenton was doing has been adopted by others, but only a few close friends really know the full story.

You will leave these sessions with a powerful tool that will open up literally endless possibilities for you. Simple, direct, and with infinite applications, large and small.


What can I learn to force?
You can force a marker, a bag of tea, a poker chip, a piece of silverware, a brand of beer or soda, a bill, an envelope, a key, a sticker, a coin, a tin, a book, a present, a chair, a statue, a secret assistant...

Are you getting the idea you can force almost anything this way? That's right. You can.


How hard is it?
Like any skill, it takes practice to make it smooth and natural, but it isn't difficult at all. In fact, that's one of the reasons Kenton agreed to do this Intensive. When you can see Kenton and fellow students do it, and then try it out yourself, you'll get it quickly. We will also have practice time in these sessions together for those who want to do that. Then you'll learn even quicker!

So while we call it "advanced" what we mean is that it isn't for complete beginners in mentalism or magic, not that it is terribly difficult.


Why It's essential.
Let's be real. When you can force a lot of things, you can do a lot of mentalism. Once you can actually force almost anything you want, what can't you do?

These methods will also allow you to make basic mentalism and magic much more realistic. Imagine being able to force a particular book for a book test! Imagine being able to force a stooge on an audience! What wonders can you create when you have such abilities?


Where can I use these methods?
On stage, in a living room, in a library, close-up, at a bar, at a restaurant, stand-up, on the street...really anywhere. It is more up to you where you want to use these methods, but they can be done anywhere at all, easily.

Kenton will teach you, stand-up, close-up, and even stage or television applications. Kenton will also teach you his way of "Cutting The Aces" direct from his longstanding close-up set. Yes, it too uses these secret methods and skill.


What can I do after these two sessions?
You will be able to do mentalism and magic like few can. You will learn commercial routines by Kenton, true, and more importantly you will have secret skills that give you the freedom to do impossible things whenever you want.


What can this do that typical equivoque can't?
Well, forcing one item out of a table full of junk would be painfully obvious with equivoque. But as Kenton has demonstrated in the U.K. and Canada, as well as all over the U.S. for decades now, you can do just that with his methods.

Kenton quietly revolutionized magic and mentalism behind the scenes with his approaches. Others have tried to rewrite history. You will learn for yourself why certain ideas are popular now, thanks to Kenton, and why those who tried to follow in his footsteps often trip themselves up without his direct instruction. Learn how to do these amazingly powerful (yet simple) secrets easily, and never have to worry about them "failing." These are the insider tools of the Masters, and Kenton made sure many of the Masters rediscovered their value. Now, you can learn them too, from the Master himself.

Work directly with Kenton Knepper himself, and be handed directly to you the real keys to Kontrol, KTFF secrets, and powerful, reliable, effects.

REMINDER: This is for YOUR learning. It is NOT to be resold in any way, including sharing, duplicating, or teaching to others. Your special access if your commitment and NDA to keep this to yourself. We will come after people who do not honor Kenton and his worth to us all.


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